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Do you do art all over your house like I do?

Here’s a quick and easy H259: 59 seconds on how to make an easy dropcloth / table protector. All you need is a paper grocery bag and scissors!

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Learn, Step by Step

Learn by Doing: Transform a Planner into an Art Journal

This art journal lesson needs time to dry, so you’ll find only steps one and two! You can go ahead and get started if you wish, and I will add next steps organically as I am able. Subscribe for site updates and new video announcements.

Supplies I used:

  • Ink and Volt planner from years past – you can use any old planner or other book, or a journal for watercolor or mixed media art.
  • Medium-size pallette knife and assorted paintbrushes
  • White gesso (I use super heavy, but you can use any weight from medium to heavy and beyond)
  • Acrylic gel medium (for gluing and reinforcing pages)
  • Watercolor paints and acrylic inks in your favorite colors
  • Pretty papers in colors that you like – can be envelopes, paper torn from magazines, origami paper, craft paper, etc.
  • Household items for texturizing gesso — paper towel, bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, etc.
  • My go-to supplies for every art journal page include
Part 1: preparing your journal (10 minutes)
Part 2: Adding Color, Finding Form (13 minutes)

Part 3 coming soon!

Learn by Doing: Very Zen Art Journaling in the Garden

Your Supplies:

  • Any art journal with paper thick enough to withstand wet paint
  • Any set of watercolors and/or inks
  • A white gel pen, or a black pen, or really any pen that fits what you are trying to capture or remember.

Specific Supplies that I used here:

Part 1: Setup and Getting Started (10 minutes)
Part 2: keeping going and final touches (10 minutes)

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